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 Christmas Concert 2015

Every year around Christmas, DJAM organizes a concert for its students with performances by the school's various combos. This concert is free of charge and open to everyone.Takes place at the Polanentheater, Polanenstraat 174.

  • Christmas concert 2015: Sunday 20 December 2015 between 2 and 6 PM

Watch more performances of DJAM combos on [Youtube]

 Open house/closing concert 2016

DJAM's open house will be held on Sunday 29 May 2016 between 2 and 6 PM at the Polanentheater, Polanenstraat 174 in Amsterdam.

During the open house, you will have the opportunity to watch and listen to those who studied in the various combos during the current school year.

In addition, there will be held public classes between 3 and 6 PM. These classes are intended for anyone interested to see how our teachers in action.

You will have plenty of opportunity to meet students and teachers and ask questions and exchange ideas with them. In other words, it's a perfect possibility to see what the atmosphere is like at DJAM.

You can also use the opportunity to sign up for the entrance exam.

Watch more performances of DJAM combos on [Youtube]

 DJAM combo presentations/sessions

We organize afternoons for combo concerts and subsequent sessions to enhance your performing skills. Itinary will be announced shortly. Everybody is welcome!

The concerts will happen on the following Saturdays:


  • Sat 10 October
  • Sat 14 November
  • Sat12  December


  • Sat 9 January
  • Sat 13 February
  • Sat 12 March
  • Sat 9 April
  • Sat 14 May


15.00-18.00 hours in Cafe Jam, Haarlemmerweg 315 in Amsterdam

For photos and comments on the last presentations go to DJAM facebook site.

Watch more performances of DJAM combos on [Youtube]

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